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They warned you about tattoos...!

(...but what do THEY know?)

full body tattoo

There was a time when a tattoo was forever… but luckily times are changing and technological advances are making it possible for tattoos to be removed. 

Depending on your body’s healing process as well as size, color or how the tattoo was actually applied, some scarring or skin color variations may be left behind.  A tattoo performed by a more experienced artist, for example, may be easier to remove since the pigment is evenly injected in the same level of the skin.  How long you’ve had the tattoo may also affect how easily it will be to remove it.

Medical specialists agree that laser surgery is one of the best methods of tattoo removal.  At LCI Lasercom, the use of the Q-Clear “q-switch” laser has proven to be very effective in most cases.  Very rapid pulses of intense light from the laser are directed onto the tattooed skin, breaking up the pigment.  Over the next few weeks, the body’s scavenger cells remove the treated pigmented areas and the tattoo fades away.  More than one treatment is usually necessary to remove the entire tattoo.


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