This comparison table shows the qualitative differences between different hair removal options,
in order for the benefits and limitations of laser hair removal to be weighed accordingly.
How long will it last? 1 to 2 days long term, almost permanently 2-4 weeks between appointments long term, almost permanently
Relaive cost? Razors, shaving cream and time Very expensive and time consuming Moderate per treatment, but recurrent treatments produce high long-term costs Moderately pricey per treatment, but most cost effective over a long term
Quantity of hairs removed per treatment? As many as desired Few, hair by hair Large surface, depending on tolerance for discomfort Large surface
How much time is required? 5 to 20 minutes
(3-4 times a week)
1-2 hours per treatment
- many are required -
(almost infinite amount)
10-60 minutes
every 3-4 weeks
30-90 minutes per treatment
5-7 treatments typically required for near total hair removal
Recurring hair growth? always minimal almost alwyas negligeable
Stubble? Severe, Stiff and sharp Little or none Soft, tapered hair None
Size of area treated per session? As large as desired. Small (hair by hair) Moderate, depending on time allowance Large surface
Discomfort? None - if no cuts Much Moderate  Moderate to none
(possible topical anaesthetic)
Color of hair that can be treated? All All All Dark hair
(Not effective on blonde, white, or gray hair)
Typical complications? Potential for razor cuts, ingrown hairs, foliculitis Potential for infection. Requires sterile needles to preclude spread of HIV, etc. Potential wax burns, inflammation. Potential for mild bruising and burns.

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